Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let's try discussing the book a few chapters at a time, in general. For the first "meeting," however, let's just work with chapter 1. The first "meeting" will start Friday evening at 8:30 pm CST with a post from Grace. Please chime in at any point in the next couple of days at or after that time!

Here is a link to the entire text of the novel (you have to cut and paste it into your browser) :


  1. Grace started a blog?! This date will be known far and wide -- memorized by all English students, nearly as significant as 1066.

    I am very excited about this, FYI. And just to annoy Grace, I plan to use lots of texting acronyms. LOL!!

  2. I don't remember endorsing any pre-book club banter.

  3. I'm not sure I can keep this up for each chapter, but here are some links to things that I wanted more explanation for: